Suzuki Violin

Group Classes

In addition to their private lessons, Suzuki students attend a group class. The group class serves many purposes, some of which are:

Solidifying the memorisation of the common repertoire

Learning to watch, listen, and follow the teacher (preparation for orchestra)

Reviewing of difficult spots in the pieces.

Group classes for the younger students usually involve games and activities, with or without the violin, designed to teach and reinforce musical principles (rhythm, note reading, sequencing) in a fun, engaging way. During a typical group class for older students, students play through a few pieces together. They may work on repertoire outside the Suzuki books for performance in ensemble. Students develop the ability to react quickly to changing circumstance, as the teacher will often introduce new bowing or bowing techniques, or different fingerings, or new rhythms applied to the music.

The other main benefit of group class is that students get an opportunity to play with their peers. They often make new friends, and they feel part of a larger community of fellow string players. The group experience can often be an inspiring catalyst to practice more and harder at home, as students can begin to see how they progress compared to other students. In this way the Suzuki environment provides healthy competition; students are never put down because of where they are on the path to playing, but are constantly encouraged to try their best to increase their potential. Suzuki group classes provide a natural foundation for later experiences playing with others, such as school orchestras, youth orchestras, and music camps.

Many of Anne’s students take part in the Little Venice Suzuki Group, a well established Suzuki group in north west London, where Anne often teaches. Other groups can be found on the website of the British Suzuki Institute. Her older students take part in their schools’ string and orchestra programs.

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